Free Sample Delivery

Choosing the right tile, for the right room can be tricky, especially if all you have is a catalogue or picture on your phone to go by.

Free Tile Sample Delivery Service

Get Your Free Tile Samples Delivered to Your Door

Choosing the perfect tile for your home can be challenging without seeing it in person. At Target Tiles, we
make this process easier with our free tile sample delivery service. Order any sample, and we’ll cover the
delivery charge. Whether you’re still planning your project or ready to start, our samples will help you make
an informed decision.

Cut Samples and Full Tile Samples Available

Cut Tile Samples

If you’re in the early stages of your home improvement project, our free 10cm sq cut samples are perfect for
comparing different styles side by side.* Simply choose any tile design you like, and we’ll send you a cut
sample at no cost. This small sample will give you a good idea of the tile’s colour, texture, and finish, helping
you narrow down your choices.

Full-Size Tile Samples

For a more comprehensive evaluation, you can order a full-size tile sample for a small fee. Having a full-size
tile on hand allows you to:

● Visualise how the tile will look in your space
● See how it interacts with the available light
● Measure and plan the layout of your tiles

Each full-size sample tile comes with detailed information conveniently labelled on the back. If you decide the
sample isn’t right for you, no problem – return it within 28 days for a full refund.**

Why Order Tile Samples?

See the Real Colours: Catalogues and phone screens can’t always capture the true colours and
textures of a tile.
Feel the Quality: Experience the tile’s finish and quality first-hand.
Test in Your Space: See how the tile looks under your home’s lighting conditions.
Compare Styles: Easily compare different tile styles and designs side by side.

Easy and Convenient Sample Delivery

At Target Tiles, we strive to make your tile selection process as smooth and convenient as possible. Our free sample delivery service ensures you can make confident decisions without leaving your home.

For any questions regarding our Free Sample Delivery service, call Target Tiles today on:

02392 372 788

*Tile samples are indicative of the finished product – colours and patterns may vary slightly due to the tile
production process. Cut tile samples are not available for border, decorative, or mosaic tiles.

**Damaged tiles will not be eligible for refunds. Delivery costs for returning tiles must be paid by the
customer and will not be refunded.

Experience the ease of choosing tiles with Target Tiles’ free sample delivery service. Order your samples today and start planning your dream space!

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