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Use our handy online tile and grout calculator to find out how much tile adhesive, tile grout and tiles you’ll need. Simply fill out the easy form below and we’ll quickly crunch the numbers and let you know exactly how much you should order.

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Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, accurate measurements of the materials you need are crucial to a successful tiling project. Our user-friendly calculator is designed to streamline this process, saving you time, money, and potential headaches.


Why Use Our Tile, Grout, and Adhesive Calculator?

When it comes to tiling, precision is key. Incorrect estimates of tile, grout, and adhesive quantities can lead to delays, extra expenses, and even the need to redo the project. Our calculator offers several compelling reasons to rely on it for your next tiling venture:

● Get Accurate Estimates: Our calculator provides highly accurate estimates of the amount of tiles,
grout, and adhesive you’ll need. Say goodbye to guesswork and wastage.

● Time-Saving: No more manual calculations or trips to the store for additional supplies mid-project. Our calculator ensures you have everything you need right from the start, saving you time and effort.

● Cost-Efficient: By precisely determining the quantities required, our calculator helps you avoid
overbuying materials, which can lead to unnecessary expenses. Meaning you can keep your project
within budget.

● Reduced Waste: Overordering materials often results in leftover tile, grout, and adhesive,
contributing to environmental waste. Our calculator promotes sustainability by minimising excess

● User-Friendly: You don’t need to be a math expert to use our calculator. It’s intuitive and
straightforward, making it accessible for both professionals and DIYers.

How Our Calculator Works

Using our Tile, Grout, and Adhesive Calculator is a breeze. Here’s a simple overview of the steps:

● Select Your Tile Size: Begin by choosing the size of the tiles you intend to use. Whether it’s in square metres or square footage, this selection is your first step.

● Specify Surface Area: Enter the height and width of the surface area/s that needs tiling, either in
meters or feet. Our calculator will automatically calculate the area accurately.

● Deduct Un-Tiled Areas: If there are areas within the surface that won’t be tiled (e.g., windows,
cabinets), you can deduct their measurements to refine your estimates further.

● Customise Grout Spacing: Select your preferred grout spacing. These details are essential for
calculating the precise amount of grout required.

● Calculate: Input your data, and our calculator will swiftly generate precise estimates for the quantity of tiles, grout, and adhesive needed for your project.

Using Your Results

Once you receive the calculations, you can use them as a shopping list when purchasing materials for your tiling project. Remember that it’s always a good idea to buy a little extra to account for any breakage or mistakes during installation.

Start Your Tiling Project Today

Our Tile, Grout, and Adhesive Calculator is your trusty companion for hassle-free tiling projects. Whether you’re renovating your bathroom, kitchen, or any other space, our calculator ensures that you have just the right amount of materials, making your project smoother, more cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. Start calculating now and enjoy the benefits of precise planning!

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