We here at the Target tiles technical help desk, take calls daily on questions like:

  • How do I effectively clean grout?
  • Can I get my grout white again?
  • How easy is it to clean dirty grout?

There is no easy answer and quick way to effectively clean grout in wall or floor tiles but, with a bit of hard elbow work and a few basic tools and cleaners,  cleaning the grout will become that little bit easier.

Tools required to effectively clean grout

First, invest in a stiff nail brush and toothbrush for them hard to reach corners, a pair of rubber gloves and a sponge and you will soon have white clean grout again.

We then recommend purchasing Lithofin KF Grout Cleaner as this will restore the colour and appearance of grout lines around any ceramic, porcelain and quarry tiles and removes grease, oil and dirt deposits from joints in kitchens and bathrooms and leaves them hygienically clean and fresh.

how to effectively clean grout | Target Tiles | grout cleaner for all tile joints

Applying the Grout cleaner

How to use the product is very easy and it can be used on most wall or floor tiles in the home. The most popular uses are for instance; on your shower wall tiles, which do become dirty quickly, in your bathroom or maybe in your kitchen on your wall or floor tiles. The cleaner can be used on ceramic or porcelain tiles.

  1. Put a diluted mix of 2 parts water to 1-part cleaner
  2. Squirt the Lithofin KF Grout Cleaner onto a moist sponge
  3. Apply to the surface to be cleaned

Allow to work for 10 to 15 minutes. In case of very stubborn dirt, use neat and allow to work longer. Support the cleaner by brushing occasionally with your purchased nail brush. After 10-15 Minutes rinse the cleaned areas with plenty of clear water and the tiles joints should be a good as new. We highly recommend testing the product’s suitability in an inconspicuous area prior to use just in case.

Please do not use on surfaces sensitive to alkaline, such as polished marble, lacquered and varnished surfaces, etc. Do not use on hot surfaces. The coverage for a half litre bottle is approx. 5 sqm.

how to effectively clean grout | Target Tiles | Grout protector for all tile joints

Applying a Grout protector

Once your grout joints are looking lovely and clean, we would recommend applying a sealer over these as this stop them discolouring and staining in the future. The product we highly recommend is called KF Grout protector and is a ready to use solvent free special impregnator for tile grout joints.

The grout protector penetrates well into porous surfaces. Once dry, this will act as a repellent to water, soaps, oil and other substances, as these will remain on the surface where they can easily be removed before they cause stains. This also means that removing greasy kitchen dirt becomes easier. The appearance on the surface is not altered. Search the Lithofin KF Products

How to use the product 

The area to be treated must be clean and free of grease. Evenly and generously apply Lithofin KF Grout Protector undiluted to the dry surface with a brush or roller. In case of highly absorbent cement grouting, repeat the application several times. After approx. 20 minutes, completely remove all product residues with a cloth. Do not allow the product to dry on the surface. The coverage for 1 litre bottle is approx. 10 sqm. Drying Time takes approx. 2 hours. The grout protector will be fully effective after 48 hours and will effectively protect the surface against water, oil, etc. during this time.


Make your own Grout cleaner

We have been asked if there is a more environmentally friendly way of cleaning tile grout joints with chemicals. Simply mix together bicarbonate of soda and water to make a paste, then rub on to dirty grout using an old toothbrush.

Once your grout joints are lovely and clean you may wish to clean your actual tiles which if required, we recommend the following product:


how to effectively clean grout | Target Tiles | ceramic tile Clean

Cleaning wall tiles

KF Ceramic Clean removes surface residues such as calcium, lime and dirt deposits, soap scum and greasy residues, rust, etc. The surfaces will gleam without polishing and the pleasant odour emphasises the hygienic cleanliness. For every-day maintenance cleaning in bathrooms, showers, toilets as well as kitchens. Lithofin KF Ceramic Clean is suitable for ceramic tiles, grouting, chrome, stainless steel, glass and many types of plastics. Please note, this is not suitable for polished marble and limestone.


how to effectively clean grout | Target Tiles | ceramic tile floor cleaner

Cleaning Floor tiles

FZ Intense Cleaner is heavy duty, odourless and highly economic. FZ Intense Cleaner removes grease and oil, all kinds of general and ingrained dirt as well as floor polish residues, old acrylic emulsions and care products. It is suitable for use on ceramic and porcelain tiles.

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