Do you know a lousy waterproofing coating or lack of waterproofing can be a nightmare?

Yes, it’s true!

It can damage interior decor and create a huge mess for everyone involved!

Having a waterproofing coating in your shower is one of the most important aspects of a home improvement project. That’s because waterproofing not only shields structures against damage but also reduces possible health concerns such as mold and mildew.

Top Reasons To Using A Waterproof Coating In Your Shower

  • Prevents Dampness and mold growth

Waterproofing Coating your shower creates a barrier between plaster, brick, or wood and the top layer of tiles, so stopping water from penetrating through the tiles into these surfaces and mold from growing under these surfaces.

2. Stop leakages

If there is a crack on your gaps, wall, or floor in between the walls and shower, water starts to penetrate and in no time, will build dampness in walls, ceilings, or on the floor beneath.

3. Enhance the Value of Property

Waterproof coating adds value to your property if everything is still in a good state.

Also, tile fixing contributes to proper waterproofing. However, the appropriate tile adhesive must be used for the tiles to stop damages.

4. Prevents structural damage

We all know that moisture in the atmosphere may damage an entire building. But its harmful effects can be seen, especially in areas with poor ventilation, for example, ceilings meet, joints were walls, inside corners, or in areas where a combination of high inside moisture content in walls is present.

Although it takes a prolonged time until moisture-related difficulties become visible, they can create considerable damage if ignored.

Get the Best Waterproofing Coating Options

Ardex WPC

Ardex WPC builds stops water penetrating through the tiling background, which could otherwise result in expensive damage to walls, floors, and ceilings in adjacent rooms. Now available in two colours – Grey or White. Every box comes with a roller and a roll of scrim tape included.

Features of Ardex WPC

  • It protects moisture-sensitive backgrounds, for example, plasterboard from moisture ingress.
  • Perfect for use in industrial and domestic wet rooms, kitchens, showers, and bathrooms.
  • It is effortless to apply with a roller, paintbrush or trowel.
  • Ardex WPC is ideal for wall and floor applications.
  • Suitable for internal areas.


It is a flexible sheet-applied waterproofing membrane and vapour-barrier intended for the direct application of tile. KERDI is perfect for use in tiled residential steam showers, bathtub surrounds, and other tile applications in wet areas.

Features of KERDI

  • Effortless to install
  • Reduces water damage
  • For use behind tiled surfaces


It is a polyethylene, waterproofing mat with an anchoring fleece on both sides. This is also perfect for waterproofing in conjunction with tiled surfaces on walls and floors. The high water vapour diffusion resistance of KERDI-KEBA makes it suitable as a vapour barrier in bonded floor assemblies with tile coverings.


It is a two-component sealant adhesive based on a solvent-free acrylate distribution and a reactive cementitious powder.

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