As winter sets in and temperatures start to plummet, it is crucial to understand these tips on adhesive selection and how it has an impact on product performance. Reduction in air and ground temperatures means adhesives take longer to set, giving fixers longer working and open times. Traditional standard-set adhesives can see set times exceeding 16-24 hours, even more significantly setting back completion time.

Any tiling below 5°C is not recommended. It should be noted the site should have a stable temperature between 5°C and 29°C, with the optimal temperature being 20°C. Cold temperatures can result in longer curing times; this applies to adhesive, grout, or sealant. If these products are allowed to freeze, it creates a chemical reaction altering the permanent bond created under ideal conditions. Tiling in cold conditions is known to cause cracks and make the tiles pop off the walls and floors. We recommend the following products:

BAL Rapid Flex One Wall & Floor Tile Adhesive 

BAL Rapid Flex is designed to be grouted after only three hours whilst providing an extended open time of 30 minutes and a pot life of 60 minutes. This can be used on both interior and exterior walls allowing for most tile types to be fixed including; natural stone, terrazzo, brick slips, and rigid foam insulating materials. Ideal for large format thin porcelain.


Directions for use:


  • Apply adhesive to wall or floor and comb to required thickness ensure it all runs in one direction. (2-6mm or up to 12mm in limited, localised areas)
  • Using a rubber tile float, press mosaic into adhesive and adjust for required position.
  • Fix mosaic/tiles before the adhesive forms skin (typically takes 30 minutes at 20°C). If skin forms, remove and reapply discarding any adhesive that has begun setting.
  • Intermittently check to ensure adhesive fully covers back of tile preventing any void spots from forming.
  • Leave adequate joints between each individual tile and install movement joints.
  • Clean off surplus adhesive from the tiles face and between joints before the adhesive has fully dried.


  • Wait a minimum of three hours (at 20°C) after tile fixing.
  • If using paper-faced mosaics: Pre-grout sheet and remove surplus. Place in position and tap down to achieve full contact with applied adhesive. Wet paper and carefully remove before adhesive fully hardens. Finally clean off surplus adhesive and grout from mosaic face.
  • Otherwise, fill movement joints with suitable sealant. (do NOT use on sensitive surfaces that could react to acetic acids). For intermediate movement joints, a more durable hard wearing material may be needed or a suitable pre-formed movement joint strip.

ARDEX X 7 R is a rapid setting flexible tile adhesive allowing tiles to be grouted and trafficked just 2 hours after fixing. This product is ideal for all tile types including non-moisture sensitive natural stone. Suitable for walls, floors, internal and external, and use with underfloor heating. Available in white and grey,

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