20mm Porcelain Outdoor Floors Tiles: Everything You Need to Jazz Up Your Patio Area

Mirage Grey on a Patio Area

There was once a time when paving slabs or wooden decking was the ‘Go To’ for creating a stunning patio area in your garden. We’ll we’re here to tell you there’s an option which is becoming very popular. By using outdoor tiles for your patio, there’s a whole host of wonderful creative styles at your disposal. But there’s one in particular that really shines in an outside space, and that’s the 20mm porcelain outdoor floor tiles.

Why are 20mm Patio Tiles Ideal for Outside?

So what’s different about our 20mm patio tile range? As you can see on our website, there are lots of different outdoor porcelain tiles which are naturally frost proof.

However,  a few problems you may encounter when using a thinner tile outside is that, depending on how you’re using them, they may not have the anti-slip rating you require.

Due to the relatively thin composition of around 9-12mm means they need to be installed onto an adhesive or cement/mortar base.

Choose 20mm Thick Porcelain Instead 

Patio Tile Setting

Like in any industry, as technology has increased the thicker 20mm paving slab tiles have become more and more popular. Naturally, with a thickness of 20mm comes a high resistance to stress and loads.

Not only that, but just like their thinner counterparts, these patio tiles are frostproof, resistant to chemicals and atmospheric changes, and easy to clean, making them an ideal choice for all residential settings and commercial outdoor spaces.

Don’t Compromise on Style 

The significant thing with our 20mm porcelain outdoor floor tiles is you won’t need to rethink your design scheme. You should be able to find them in the same texture, colour, and size as the ones inside your home. Or if not the exact ones, you’ll get a close match.

In fact, this actually enhances your possibilities. You’ll be able to create a pleasant flow from the inside to outside, switching to the 20mm thickness outdoors.

The Benefits of 20mm Porcelain Pavers 

Patio tiles on pedestals

As you might have guessed by now, we’re sold on all aspects of outdoor tiles for your garden. Let’s look at some of the major benefits and why you’d want to use 20mm tiles over concrete slabs, wooden decking, or any other type of material.


As a material, porcelain has a very low absorbency level (which is why you always see them in bathrooms and kitchens). That means that they’ll handle the cold and rain like a BOSS, so you won’t need to worry about them rotting away or cracking during the winter.

Easy to Clean & Maintain

Remember those waterproof qualities? Well, this also makes them very easy to clean. Unlike wooden decking, which is prone to staining from drinks, wet leaves, and look away now…Birds Do Do!

All you’ll need with patio tiles is a quick sweep from time to time and a jet wash once or twice a year.


Our porcelain slabs absolutely thrive on high loads, honestly ask one! Their strength comes from being baked in a kiln for a longer period. Also, you’ll find them very hard to scratch, which is perfect for protection from bikes, scooters, shifting the BBQ and patio furniture around.

Slip Resistant 

This is probably the most important, especially for those with children or elderly relatives. Due to the moisture associated with outdoor life (and the English weather, of course), it’s good to know that our 20mm patio tiles have a non-slip rating of R11, making them suitable for outside use.

Different Methods of Installing 20mm Outdoor Tiles 

As well as being practical, we love how this type of outdoor tile saves lots of time. You can lay these using no adhesive or grout, meaning you can update your garden or outside space in super quick time. Here are 4 other options:

Dry Installation on Grass

20mm patio tile laid directly onto grass Does your garden have grassy areas? Just lay your tiles on the grass to create pathways and add a stylish touch to common areas. The best part is that they can be repositioned if you decide to move them elsewhere.

For more stability, a layer of gravel can be placed on the grass before the tiles. The gravel bed grants more stability and compensates for any differences in level. We recommend leaving a little gap between the slabs to allow grass to grow through.

Installation of Gravel or Sand 

20mm patio tiles laid directly onto gravel

Quick and simple with no need for adhesive or grout. After installation, you can walk on the surface while the gravel facilitates water drainage with the option to remove the slab and use it elsewhere.

Conventional Installation on Adhesive 

20mm patio tile laid using adhesive Where a more permanent fixing is required, install the 20mm slabs using adhesive and the conventional tile installation method.

For an optimal install, make sure the screed is perfectly levelled. We always recommend using Ardex X7G with our outside range.

Adjustable Support Pedestals 

These are easy to install and instantly read to walk on. The raised installation creates a gap between the upper surface and the substrate that can easily be inspected, allowing for effective water drainage, space for electrical equipment and plumbing.

As each one can be adjusted for height, these work well on uneven surfaces. By not grouting the tile joints, it allows for efficient drainage too.

Check out our handy guide on adjustable support pedestals.

We stock some excellent ranges of 20mm outdoor tiles including Volcano, Upnuance, Zinc, Mirage, Luna, and Slowood

Our team at Target Tiles are knowledgeable in the vast range available and can guide you through the entire process, so why not call us on 023 92372788 where a warm welcome awaits.

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